Below are my FAVORITE and actually GREAT blogs you need to check out if you have not already. You won't be sorry you did, but you will be sorry if you don't!

Beyond Left Field
- Focusing on the morons of the world (and GAWD there are LOTS of them!)

The Slap & Tickle - A little bit of everything to go with your nuts

Daisy the (insanely cute) Curly Cat - and of course, Harley too!

Horror Blogger Alliance (and YES! I am a proud member!)

Internal Bleeding - Specializing in B-movie Reviews

Lurple - Where Movies go to Die

Neurotic Cinema - Uranium Willy at his best

Pepper Spray, Stun Guns & Tasers - Oh My! - A rather informative site for those wanting to survive zombies rather than become one.

Redneck Bar & Grill - The Home of Blue Beaver Beer

Regretful Morning - Drinking stories; walks of shame; and funny videos

The Blogster's Guild - Random Nonsense for Random People

The Dead Rooster - Legally Sane (but he's insane!) Blogging

The Lamb - the Large(est) Association of Movie Blogs

Too Many Zombies - there's no such thing!

Yummy! Down on This -You am what you is and I are who I be